Liber 500 Database Query

Our Liber 500 database has a query engine that will return information from it. Here's how to use it. The interface is:

The query arguments are:

Values are returned as plain text in 'comma-separated value' (CSV) format. Each value is a single line of the form:


The initial '200' is an 'OK' status. If there is a problem with the request, or if the request found no values, 200 will be replaced by 500 and the remainder of the line will be a string saying what the problem was; for example,

500,"No result for value=933."

Otherwise, NNN is the enumeration of the key; "key" is the key string itself; and "meaning" is the dictionary meaning of the word. Please note: we generally do not use what Crowley wrote in Liber 500 as printed in The Equinox. Some of that material is wrong, and what isn't wrong is often incomplete. The meanings we supply are a combination of that work and our own research into the words. Where we simply could not justify a meaning of Crowley's, we did not enter that word.

The special value '0' (?v=0) denotes entries that contain information about the entries, not Hebrew words. This includes things such as abbreviations used in the work, and our transliteration key.

In order to use either the key or query string, you need to know the transliteration scheme we use for letters. It uses 1 typable character to represent 1 Hebrew letter. It does not recognize the 'final' forms, since Gematria generally doesn't use them. You can see the transliteration list, giving the transliterations in Hebrew alphabet order, here. There, you'll see that we use 'X' for Cheth, '+' for Tet, '@' for Ayin, '$' for Shin, and 'T' for Tau. The other letters are all the way you learned elsewhere.

The search string q=string has special rules. It searches the database according to these rules:

So, for example, to find keys containing the string 'ABN', you would request

To find keys containing both 'A' and 'B' but not 'N', request

To find keys whose second character is 'N', request^_n

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