Rites of Eleusis

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Here are our copies of Crowley's Rites of Eleusis, with notes about this year's presentation. At the end of this page, we also have a collection of Rites scripts written by various members of our local community.

The 2012 Rites of Eleusis were presented by Sirius Encampment, OTO, between 5 May and 9 June 2012. Except for Venus, these Rites were not staged. Instead, they were group readings of the scripts. Everyone who attended was invited to read a part. We decided who reads which part just before starting.

The Rites were 5 days apart, beginning on a Saturday and ending on a Monday nearest the full moon. The 2012 cycle was:

Saturn Saturday5 May2:00 pm Sirius EncampmentWear red or black
Jupiter Thursday10 May7:30 pm Sirius EncampmentWear blue
Mars Tuesday15 May7:30 pm Sirius EncampmentWear red
Sol Sunday20 MayNoon Sirius EncampmentWear yellow or gold
Venus Friday25 May7:30 pm Sirius EncampmentWear green
Mercury Wednesday30 May7:30 pm Sirius EncampmentWear purple or multicolored
Luna Monday4 June7:30 pm Sirius EncampmentWear silver or white
Hell (by Lew Finzel) Saturday9 June2:00 pm Sirius Encampment 

From previous years, we have these alternate Rites scripts written by various people:

Mercury Lew Finzel2008
Hell Lew Finzel2007
Luna Sor. H.P. (Leigh Ann Hussey)2005
Saturn Sor. H.P. (Leigh Ann Hussey)2002
Luna Nitnorth2002
Jupiter Sor. H.P. (Leigh Ann Hussey)2001
Mars Fr. Bromios2001
Mercury Bro. Eric2001
Mars Sor. H.P. (Leigh Ann Hussey)2000
Sol Sor. Ensem Cari Exspecto (Leigh Ann Hussey)1999
Venus Sor. H.P. (Leigh Ann Hussey)1998
Mercury Sor. H.P. (Leigh Ann Hussey)1997
Luna Sor. H.P. (Leigh Ann Hussey)1996

Love is the law, love under will.

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