Liber XV



Of the Mystic Marriage and Consummation of the Elements

(The priest takes the Paten between the index and medius of the right hand. The priestess clasps the Cup in her right hand.)

The priest.

Lord most secret, bless this spiritual food unto our bodies, bestowing upon us health and wealth and strength and joy and peace, and that fulfilment of will and of love under will that is perpetual happiness.

(He makes + with Paten and kisses it. He uncovers the Cup, genuflects, rises. Music. He takes the Host, and breaks it over the Cup. He replaces the right hand portion in the Paten. He breaks off a particle of the left hand portion.)


(He replaces the left-hand part of the Host. The priestess extends the lance point with her left hand to receive the particle.)

The priest and The priestess.


(The priest takes the Lance. The priestess covers the Cup. The priest genuflects, rises, bows, joins hands. He strikes his breast.)

The priest.

O Lion and O Serpent that destroy the destroyer, be mighty among us.

O Lion and O Serpent that destroy the destroyer, be mighty among us.

O Lion and O Serpent that destroy the destroyer, be mighty among us.

(The priest joins hands upon the breast of the priestess, and takes back his Lance. He turns to the People, lowers and raises the Lance, and makes + upon them.)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The people.

Love is the law, love under will.

(He lowers the Lance, and turns to East. The priestess takes the Lance in her right hand, with her left hand she offers the Paten. The priest kneels.)

The priest.

In my mouth be the essence of the Life of the Sun.

(He takes the Host with the right hand, makes + with it on the Paten, and consumes it.)


(The priestess takes, uncovers, and offers the Cup, as before.)

The priest.

In my mouth be the essence of the Joy of the Earth!

(He takes the Cup, makes + on the priestess, drains it, and returns it.)


(He rises, takes the Lance, and turns to the people.)

The priest.

There is no part of me that is not of the Gods.[13]

(Those of the people who intend to communicate, and none other should be present, having signified their intention, a whole Cake of Light and a whole goblet of wine have been prepared for each one. The deacon marshals them; they advance one by one to the altar. The children take the Elements and offer them. The people communicate as did the priest, uttering the same words in an attitude of Resurrection;

'There is no part of me that is not of the Gods.'

The exceptions to this part of the ceremony are when it is of the nature of a celebration, in which case none but the priest communicate, of a wedding, in which none, save the two to be married, partake; part of the ceremony of baptism, when only the child baptised partakes, and of puberty, when only the persons confirmed partake. The Sacrament may be reserved by the priest, for administration to the sick in their homes.)

(The priest closes all within the veil. With the Lance he makes + on the people thrice, thus.)

The priest.
+ The lord bless you.
+ The lord enlighten your minds and comfort your hearts and sustain your bodies.
+ The lord bring you to the accomplishment of your true wills, the Great Work, the Summum Bonum, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness.

(He goes out, the deacon and children following, into the tomb of the West.)

Music. (Voluntary.)

NOTE: The priestess and other officers never partake of the Sacrament, they being as it were part of the priest himself.

NOTE: Certain secret formulae of this Mass are taught to the priest in his Ordination.[15]


This is my seed.

The Father is the Son through the Holy Spirit.
(Here, we have amended the original script: where we wrote "DIA", "through", that script has "OION", "quasi".)

[ΑΥΜΙ'Ν] "OM" (more or less)

[4] Note 1, p. 435:
This is my seed. The father is the son as the Holy Ghost. Augmn, Augmn, Augmn.

[receive the particle] Missing from this version:
"The priest clasps the Cup in his left hand. Together they depress the lance point in the Cup."

What happens here is that the Priest places the particle on the lance point, then grasps the lance. Together, the Priest and Priestess drop the particle from the lance point into the cup.

This act is the moment of fertilization in which the universe is created — that is, the Father manifests in the Son. This mimics the beginning of Creation in which Ain pours through Ain Soph, bursting forth as Ain Soph Aur to manifest Kether. On a lower plane, Kether (as Chokmah) works through Binah to manifest the Child in Tiphereth. The Dying God is reborn at this moment of conception.

[ΗΡΙΛΙΥ] "HRILIU". This word is Enochian. Why this script presents it in Greek characters, we don't know. This is the moment at which the Universe begins to manifest as an act of Lust.

[7] Note 2, p. 435:
The shrill scream of Orgasm. Not a Greek word. As this rite is a purely ceremonial one, the orgasm here must be considered as a sign of that metaphysical ecstasy resulting from the union of the 5 and the 6.

[takes the Lance] There is a missing instruction after this: the Priest doesn't give the lance back to the Priestess before taking it again. That should be done after the Priestess covers the Cup.

[destroy the destroyer] Entropy, the increase of disorganization, is the Destroyer. Life appears to increase organization, counteracting entropy. We leave it to your own fertile imaginations to decide what else "O pussy and O snake" might represent.

[drains it] With this, the priest receives the particle that was previously placed in the cup. This is the beginning of the Father manifesting in the Son.

[returns it] Here, a thing may happen that isn't in the script: the priest kisses the priestess. While doing that, he puts the particle from the cup, which he has been holding in his mouth, into her mouth. She receives it from him and then gives it back. Ritually, this lets the particle pass from the Father to the Son through the Mother. As it is said, "All must dissolve in the Cup of Babalon."

[of the Gods] The Priest affirms that he has achieved union. Hadit is reunited with Nuit. (For some additional information on this phrase, see this.)

[13] Note 3, p. 435:
This line is taken from the Ritual of the Rose Cross Grade (5° = 6) of the Golden Dawn.

[puberty] Confirmation at puberty: this is the "feast for fire" or "feast for water" noted in CCXX.II.41, which the Deacon repeated above.

[15] Note 1, p. 436:
Sexual magick.

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