Energized Enthusiasm



Wine being a mocker and strong drink raging, its use is more likely to lead to trouble than mere music.
One essential difficulty is dosage. One needs exactly enough; and, as Blake points out, one can only tell what is enough by taking too much. For each man the dose varies enormously; so does it for the same man at different times.
The ceremonial escape from this is to have a noiseless attendant to bear the bowl of libation, and present it to each in turn, at frequent intervals.
Small doses should be drunk, and the bowl passed on, taken as the worshipper deems advisable. Yet the cup-bearer should be an initiate, and use his own discretion before presenting the bowl. The slightest sign that intoxication is mastering the man should be a sign to him to pass that man. This practice can be easily fitted to the ceremony previously described.
If desired, instead of wine, the elixir introduced by me to Europe[1] may be employed. But its results, if used in this way, have not as yet been thoroughly studied. It is my immediate purpose to repair this neglect.

[1] Anhalonium Lewinnii. The physiologically standardised preparation (Parke, Davies and Co) of Cannabis Indica is also excellent if the administration be in expert hands.

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