Publication in Class B.

A Description of
The Cards of the Tarot
With Their Attributions; Including a
Method of Divination by Their Use

"All divination resembles an attempt by a man born blind to obtain sight by getting blind drunk."
 — Fra. P.

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A Description of

The Cards of the Tarot

The Great Angel

set over the operations of the Secret Wisdom

Α και Ω

The First and the Last

"What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the Seven Abodes which be in Aushiah."

"And I saw in the Right Hand of Him that Sate upon the Throne a Book, sealed with Seven Seals."

"Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the Seals thereof?"

S.Y.M.B.O.L.A. Ankh


Consists of a Crux Ansata, which is a form of the Rosy Cross. One arm is scarlet, with the symbols of Leo and the Wand in emerald green.

Another is blue with Eagle and Cup in orange.

A third is yellow, with Aquarius and Dagger in violet.

The last is in the four colours of Malkuth, with Pentacle and Taurus in black.

Ring is white, having at the top the Name of the Great Angel Ρ ♏ Ϟ H U A; below cross-bar are Pentagrams, one enclosing Sol and the other enclosing Luna.

The whole space in the ring contains the Rose of 22 Petals bearing the Names of the 22 Keys. In the centre a white circle, and a red cross of four equal arms.

About the whole symbol are the words —

L.I.F.E.    B.I.O.S.    V.I.T.A.,

and the letters —

T. A. P. O., Tarot.


The Titles of the Symbols

  1. The Ace of Wands is called the Root of the Powers of Fire.
  2. The Ace of Cups is called the Root of the Powers of Water.
  3. The Ace of Swords is called the Root of the Powers of Air.
  4. The Ace of Pentacles is called the Root of the Powers of Earth.
  5. The Knight of Wands is "The Lord of the Flame and Lighting: the King of the Spirits of Fire."
  6. The Queen of Wands is "The Queen of the Thrones of Flame."
  7. The King of Wands is "The Prince of the Chariot of Fire."
  8. The Knave of Wands is "The Princess of the Shining Flame: the Rose of the Palace of Fire."
  9. The Knight of Cups is "The Lord of the Waves and the Waters: the King of the Hosts of the Sea."
  10. The Queen of Cups is "The Queen of the Thrones of the Waters."
  11. The King of Cups is "The Prince of the Chariot of the Waters."
  12. The Knave of Cups is "The Princess of the Waters: the Lotus of the Palace of the Floods."
  13. The Knight of Swords is "The Lord of the Wind and the Breezes: the King of the Spirits of Air."
  14. The Queen of Swords is "The Queen of the Thrones of Air."
  15. The King of Swords is "The Prince of the Chariot of the Winds."
  16. The Knave of Swords is "The Princess of the Rushing Winds: the Lotus of the Palace of Air."
  17. The Knight of Pentacles is "The Lord of the Wide and Fertile Land: the King of the Spirits of Earth."
  18. The Queen of Pentacles is "The Queen of the Thrones of Earth."
  19. The King of Pentacles is "The Prince of the Chariot of Earth."
  20. The Knave of Pentacles is "The Princess of the Echoing Hills: the Rose of the Palace of Earth."
No.CardLord of Decan In
21.5of WandsStrifeSaturnLeo
22.6of WandsVictoryJupiterLeo
23.7of WandsValourMarsLeo
24.8of PentaclesPrudenceSunVirgo
25.9of PentaclesMaterial GainVenusVirgo
26.10of PentaclesWealthMercuryVirgo
27.2of SwordsPeace restoredMoonLibra
28.3of SwordsSorrowSaturnLibra
29.4of SwordsRest from StrifeJupiterLibra
30.5of CupsLoss in PleasureMarsScorpio
31.6of CupsPleasureSunScorpio
32.7of CupsIllusionary SuccessVenusScorpio
33.8of WandsSwiftnessMercurySagittarius
34.9of WandsGreat StrengthMoonSagittarius
35.10of WandsOppresionSaturnSagittarius
36.2of PentaclesChangeJupiterCapricorn
37.3of PentaclesMaterial WorksMarsCapricorn
38.4of PentaclesEarthly PowerSunCapricorn
39.5of SwordsDefeatVenusAquarius
40.6of SwordsEarned SuccessMercuryAquarius
41.7of SwordsUnstable EffortMoonAquarius
42.8of CupsAbandoned SuccessSaturnPisces
43.9of CupsMaterial HappinessJupiterPisces
44.10of CupsPerfected SuccessMarsPisces
45.2of WandsDominionMarsAries
46.3of WandsEstablished StrengthSunAries
47.4of WandsPerfected WorkVenusAries
48.5of PentaclesTroubleMercuryTaurus
49.6of PentaclesMaterial SuccessMoonTaurus
50.7of PentaclesSuccess unfulfilledSaturnTaurus
51.8of SwordsShortened ForceJupiterGemini
52.9of SwordsDespair and CrueltyMarsGemini
53.10of SwordsRuinSunGemini
54.2of CupsLoveVenusCancer
55.3of CupsAbundanceMercuryCancer
56.4of CupsBlended PleasureMoonCancer
    The Twenty-Two Keys of the Book Letter Attri-
57.0.The Foolish Man The Spirit of Αιθηρ א ?
58.1.The Magician The Magus of Power ב Mercury
59.2.The High Priestess The Priestess of the Silver Star ג Moon
60.3.The Empress The Daughter of the Mighty Ones ד Venus
61.4.The Emperor Sun of the Morning, chief among the Mighty ה Aries
62.5.The Hierophant The Magus of the Eternal ו Taurus
63.6.The Lovers The Children of the Voice; the Oracles of the Mighty Gods ז Gemini
64.7.The Chariot The Child of the Powers of the Waters; the Lord of the Triumph of Light ח Cancer
65.11.Fortitude The Daughter of the Flaming Sword ט Leo
66.9.The Hermit The Magus of the Voice of Power, the Prophet of the Eternal. י Virgo
67.10.The Wheel of Fate The Lord of the Forces of Life כ Jupiter
68.8.Justice The Daughter of the Lords of Truth: the Ruler of the Balance ל Libra
69.12.The Hanged Man The Spirit of the Mighty Waters מ ?
70.13.Death The Child of the Great Transformers: the Lord of the Gates of Death נ Scorpio
71.14.Temperance The Daughter of the Reconcilers: the Bringer-Forth of life ס Sagittarius
72.15.The Devil The Lord of the Gates of Matter: the Child of the Forces of Time ע Capricorn
73.16.The Blasted Tower The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty פ Mars
74.17.The Star The Daughter of the Firmament, the dweller between the Waters צ Aquarius
75.18.The Moon The Ruler of Flux and Reflux: the Child of the Sons of the Mighty ק Pisces
76.19.The Sun The Lord of the Fire of the World ר Sun
77.20.The Judgment The Spirit of the Primal Fire ש ? and ?
78.21.The Universe The Great One of the Night of Time ת ? and Saturn

Such are the Titles of the
Abodes or Atouts of Thooth;
of the
Mansions of the House of

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