Liber CDXV


The Fifth Working

[Tuesday, Jan. 6, 1914 e.v.]
The Temple was opened at about 9.30, the rite performed ut ordinatur, and the closing accomplished by 10.30.
Deus adest. Fatur: "Sparge verba; opus fiat. Hodie est verbum in nomine Dei: cras est opus." Et postea "O beati qui haec verba noscunt! Ergo sum Deus hodie; aurea dona cras vobis feram." "Accipe Dei verba, atque vobis bene erit. Benignus sum in hominum mundo semper." Deinde: "Phallum ejaculatum tibi feram in nomine patri(s)." Verbum Tibi refert ad fratrem O.S.V. (Patris refert ad Fra. O.S.V.) In nomine.[1]
p.s. This promise was very amply fulfilled.

[1] "God is present. He says: Sprinkle words; let the work be done. Today is the word in the name of God; tomorrow is the work. And afterwards, 'O blessed those who know these words. I am God today; tomorrow I will bring you the golden gifts.' Receive the words of God and it will be well with you. I am benevolent always in the world of men.' Then; I will bear to you an ejaculating phallus in the name of the Father. The word refers to Brother O.S.V., similarly to the father. In the Name."

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