Liber CDXV


The Fourth Working

[Monday, Jan. 5, 1914 e.v.]
It now appears to O.S.V. that the suggestion made by Hermes of a further sacrifice was meant to be obeyed. The attempt to replace the real thing by its symbol led to (a) O.S.V. having a bad cold which confined him to his bed (b) the continued ill-temper of L.T. (c) the breaking up of the rendezvous proposed in the letter (d) the complete cessation of good news. However, this afternoon die Lunae did the Frater L.T. sacrifice to the glory of Hermes: and may He restore us to favour and help in the Work of Juppiter.[1] Whom therefore let us invoke by the secret Rite and this holy Versicle:

Haud secus ac puerum spumanti semini vates
Lustrat, dum gaudens accipit alter aquas;
Sparge, precor, servis hominum rex atque deorum
Juppiter omnipotens, aurea dona tuis.[2]

This then was done duly, though with maimed Rites, owing to O.S.V.'s malady. Yet did he take the function of priest. The Brethren remained conversing from 10 p.m. (when the Temple was closed) until about 1 a.m. die Martiis when L.T. beholding Juppiter saw this verse:
Via est hodie. Nomina sanctissimorum in felicitate habent viam.
Deus dedit signum in via.[3]

[1] Anon NOTE: Crowley used a double "pp" in Jup(p)iter for homosexual workings

[2] Approx: Thus the priest purifies the boy with foaming seed while the other in his orgasm receives the waters. O Omnipotent Juppiter, king of men and gods, sprinkle, I pray, thy golden gifts on thy servants.

[3] "The way is today. The names of the most holy in felicity have the way. God gave a sign in the way."

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