Liber CDXV


Notes of the Paris Working.

31/12/13. Preparations completed.
1/1/14. 1. Hermes as child: prevent rite from completion.
2/1/14. 2. As messenger. Identified with Xt.
3/1/14. 3. As force: He is semen, the vehicle of the Father.
Despises talk, all energy and action.
5/1/14. 4.
6/1/14. 5. Jupiter. Short message.
6. " L.T. failed at proper method.
7. Jupiter. Vision. Phalanx of eagles supporting Zeus and the 4 Beasts. Also Peacock. Revelation of the method of destroying the Universe.
11/1/14. 8. Hermes. Good result. L.T. ill.
19/1/14. 9. Jupiter as Bestower with hands full of gold.
20/1/14.10. " " Ammon - R.A., plumed and phallic. Astral Bells.
21/1/14.11. " " cone of white light. Message that O.S.V. and L.T. are arrows of fire against the slave gods. The sacrifice was fourfold. Astral Bells heard again. Revelation to O.S.V. of Method of Rite. Ditto to L.T. of present world as a vision of the future. His eyes are so dilated, He cannot read.
23/1/14.12. Jupiter. Results on material plane.
13. " Inspiration of O.S.V. to dance. Two Jataka stories.
14. Jupiter. Phenomana continued.
15. Jupiter atmosphere of the Temple now constantly rich mellow velvety and luminous even when closed. A green chameleom hued dancer Ahanael and other elementals constantly in attendance.
16. Jupiter. Additional rites ordained. O.S.V. inspired. The essence of the nature of Jupiter revealed. He obtained entire unity with God, muttering constantly "Sanguis et Semen".
2/2/14.17. Jupiter. O.S.V. again in Samadhi.
18. " Complete absorption of force.
19. " Sarcophagus of Ankh-f-n-Khonsu.
20. " Material results confirmed. O.S.V. inspects certain shakras.
8/2/14.21. Jupiter.
22. "A glow of stupendous success".
L.T. in his peculiar type of Samadhi.
23. Jupiter O.S.V. sees his shadow — not a physical one: Light thereon by the God from the Altar or Cubiculum.
24. Jupiter. Calm and deep. The very aroma of earth in Spring. O.S.V. beheld the violet, formless light of Dhyanic intensity.

General result

O.S.V. obtained the funds required, and was like unto Ammon-Ra all the summer.

L.T. became as Jupiter the hospitable, but had unworthy guests.

An unexpected result — the Divine end of the stick was perhaps the war in the following August. See 0/2/ XI.

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