Liber CDXV


The Holy Hymns to the Great Gods of Heaven.

(composed in collaboration with the Art-Bachelor Gualterius de R., Universitatis Cantabrigiensis, for the use of the Knights of the Sacrosanct Order of KDSH.)
I. Juppiter.
Haud secus ac puerum spumanti semini vates
Lustrat, dum gaudens accipit alter aquas;
Sparge, precor, servis, hominum rex atque deorum
Juppiter omnipotens, aurea dona, tuis.[1]
II. Mercury.
Jungitur en vati vates; rex inclyte rhabdou
Hermes tu venias, verba nefanda ferens.[2]
III. Venus.
Tu Venus orta mari venias tu filia Patris,
Exaudi penis carmina blanda, precor.
Ne sit culpa nates nobis futuisse viriles,
Sed caleat cunnus semper amore meo. [3]
IV Juppiter Ammon.
Per regni sancti signum da Juppiter Ammon
Da nobis plena monera plena manu. [4]
V. Mars.
Hoc solet ad Martem ritu coluisse ferocem
Vir purus cunni sic placet omne deo.
Hostis fac collum nostro subiisse triumpho
Numina tum Martis carmina saeva canam.[5]
VI. Iacchus.
En templo resonat nunc mystica vannus Iacchi.
Accedas adyto, Sancta Columba, tuo.
Intra dum vates agitat thrysum pueriles
Vates; omne actum est; Sancta Columba, veni. [6]
VII Vesta.
Vesta beata adsis virgo da lampada nobis
Det semen dominus terque quaterque suo(ae).
Det demen lammam vitalem vimgue deorum,
Omnia quae redeant, Vesta beata, tibi.[7]
VIII. Priapus.
Semina nunc molli dat mentula saeva cinaedo.
Aspectu gaudens ipse Priapus adest.
Gaudens exaudi; nobis sit mentula semper
Et Rigida et roseo semen ab ore jacens.[8]
Quot stellae tot sint, precor, Phalle,
Amores hujus Di vere universi.
anni 1913 E.V. Kal. Ian. A.d.I.

[1] Thus the bard purifies the boy with foaming semen.
While the other in his orgasm receives the waters.
O Omnipotent Juppiter, king of men and gods.
Sprinkle, I pray, thy golden gifts on thy servants.

[2] Jointly the bard in the bard; famous king of the wand.
Hermes, mayest hou come bearing unspeakable words.

[3] Thou, O Venus, risen from the Sea, come thou daughter of the Father.
Hearken to the bland songs of the penis. I pray.
Let it be no sin to us to have fucked the virle bum.
But let the cunt always be hot with my love.

[4] By the sign of the sacred kingdom, give, O Juppiter Ammon.
Give to us full rewards with a full hand.

[5] This is the rite of comrades;
No unmanly cunt mars it;
Make us strong, O Mars
and subdue our enemies.

[6] Approx: Behold from the temple resounds now the mystic fan of Iacchus.
May you approach your shrine, Holy Columba.
While the prophet shakes the thyrsus inside the boy —
prophet: everything has been done; Holy Columba. come!

[7] Approx: Blessed Vesta be present, maiden, give a lamp to us.
May the master give semen three times and four times to his ...
May he give seed, a life flame and the strength of the gods.
Everything that returns, blessed Vesta, to you.

[8] Aprox: Now the grim penis gives semen to the soft catamite.
Rejoicing at the sight Priapus himself is present.
Rejoicing, listen: may we always have a penis
Both stiff and shooting semen from its rosy mouth.

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