Liber CDXV


A brief Summary of the Paris Working

Dec. 31, 1913 E.V. Preparations completed.
Jan. I 1914. I. Hermes as child; prevents Rite from completion.
II. do as Messenger. Identified with Christ
Jan. 3 1914. III do as Force. He is Semen, the vehicle of the Father.
He despises talk, and is all energy and action.
Jan. 5, 1914. IV Hermes as
Jan. 6, 1914. V Juppiter. Short message.
VI Juppiter. L.T. failed at proper method.
VII Juppiter. Vision — phalanx of Eagles supporting Zeus and the 4 Beasts. Also Peacock. Revelation of Method of Destroying the Universe.
Jan. 11, 1914. VIII Hermes. "Good result."
A week off. L.T. ill Mass of L.T. ill. To Forest — only profane matters considered.
Jan. 19, 1914 IX Juppiter, as Bestower with hands full of gold.
Jan. 20, X do as Amuon-Ra, plumed and phallic. Astral Bells.
Jan 21, XI do as Cone of White Light. Message that O.S.V. and L.T. are as arrows of fire shot against the slave-gods. The Sacrifice was fourfold. Astral bells heard again. Revelation to O.S.V. of the Method of Rite. do to L.T. of present world as a vision of the future His eyes are so dilated that he cannot read.
Jan. 22, XII Juppiter. No remarks. But results on Material plane show.
Jan. 27 XIII Juppiter. Inspiration of O.S.V. to dance.
Two 'Jataka stories' got.
Jan. 27. XIV Juppiter Phenomena continue.
Jan. 28, XV. Juppiter. Atmosphere of Temple now constantly rich, mellow, velvety, and luminous, even when closed. A green chameleon-hued dancer Ahanael and other elementals in constant attendance.
Jan. 29, XVI. Juppiter. Additional Rites ordained. O.S.V. inspired; the essence of the nature of Juppiter was revealed. He obtained entire Unity with the God, Muttering constantly "Sanguis et Semen."
Feb. 2, 1914. E.V. XVII Juppiter. O.S.V. again in Samadhi.
Feb. 3, 1914. XVIII Juppiter. Complete absorption of force
Feb. 4, 1914. XIX Juppiter. Sarcophagus of Ankh-f-Khonsu appears.
Feb. 5, 1914. XX Juppiter. Material results confirmed.
Feb. 8, 1914. O.S.V. inspects certain chakras.
Feb. 9, 1914 XXI Juppiter.
Feb. 10, 1914 XXII. Juppiter. "A glow of stupendous success" L.T. in his peculiar type of Samadhi.
Feb. 11, 1914 XXIII. Juppiter. O.S.V. sees his shadow — not a "physical one; light thrown by the God from the Altar or Cubriculum.
Feb. 12, 1914. XXIV. Juppiter. "Calm and deep, the very aroma of earth in Spring" O.S.V. be held The Violet, formless, of Dhyanic intensity.
General Result. O.S.V. obtained the funds required, and was like unto Amoun-Ra all the summer. L.T. became as Juppiter the hospitable, but had unworthy guests.

An unexpected result — the Divine end of the stick — was perhaps the War in the following August. See Op. XI.

Here follows the Grimoire of the Paris Working.
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