Liber CDXV


The Twenty-Fourth Working

Fra. O.S.V. had a sleepless night and had to work all day. Yet, opening the Temple at 6.15 and closing it at 7, this great operation was brought to a successful end.
The ceremony was calm and deep, the very aroma of earth in spring. After the Work Fra. L.T. performed divination by Thelema and obtained this versicle:

"I am Thou, and the Pillar is established in the Void."

During the Haud secus, Fra. L.T. was taken by Juppiter to be his cup-bearer. Fra. O.S.V. beheld the Violet, formless and of Dhanic intensity.
P.S. Result. Fra O.S.V. obtained the gifts of Juppiter as he asked, and was further made like Juppiter in his aspect as Amoun. During the whole summer he had but to ask to obtain.
Fra. L.T. on the contrary became Juppiter the bestower, and many folk became his guests.
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