Liber CDXV


The Twenty-Third Working

Fra O.S.V. worked very hard from 6.30 a.m. after a bad night, yet was well and strong in the ceremony which went magnificently. At the Quia Patris he saw his shadow plainly on the dim reddish wall in the East, although at the West there was but another such wall, and the firelight (in the North) was without effective radiance. The ceremony was more brilliant and ecstatic even than last night. Fra. L.T. is even more completely exhausted than before.
3.18 a.m. Message for A.G.[1]... "Without pity, act. Guests dally on the couches of mother of pearl in the garden. Go to the Holy House of Hathor and offer the five jewels of the cow on her altar. Then go under the night-stars in the desert and invoke Nuit." Result establishment of Nuit cult. A previous divination had given (two days before) "is not the Nile a beautiful water?" the question being should I go to Tunis for A.G.? (Tunis being nearer the Pillars of Hercules and the Ocean of the West.) The Juppiteran events of a minor character are now so frequent that they are too many to record without tedium. Contrary events to not occur at all.

[1] Aimee Gouraud

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