Liber CDXV


The Twentieth Working

The Temple opened at 10.0 closed at 11 p.m. dei Jovis.
On Friday Fra. O.S.V. got a letter making a most valuable introduction; also full confirmation of the other matter. Praise Him!
Fra. O.S.V's malady now reasserted itself, however, with great force. He has much fever and bronchitis, and is obliged to take to his bed. To-day, of the Moon, he is still very ill, but yet determined to continue the Operation as well as he may, though with mained rites.

The Esoteric Record

Inspection of Cakkras.
O.S.V. ? 3-5 A.M. Feb. 8.
Muladhara. Blood-red, velvety, deep-bell shape. Around it the Kundalini coiled, but in constant spiral motion.
Luminous triangle — mirror-like-opens at base (very small.) I looked down through infinite stages of these triangles, at the bottom glitters a pearl-like (but self-luminous and most intense) phallus. Presently this goes, and up the tunnel march millions of men of every race, creed, caste and colour — not a single woman.
Svadistthana. Very large flattish white lotus, greenish tips to edges, very pale and fair; It floats in pale blue.
Manipura. A chysantheum of rainbow petals, active-like folding and refolding, comprehending alternatively microcosm and the macrocosm.
Anahata. Mostly gold and pearls with rubies and sapphires, I think, but this fades in memory.
Visuddhi: Myriad radiating knives of pure golden light; in all directions.
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