Liber CDXV


The Nineteenth Working

Fra. O.S.V. during the day had a feverish attack of something resembling influenza; but receiving the remedy of Juppiter from the hands of the Lay-Sister Cheron, was miraculously made whole, though the aftermath still slightly inconveniences him, he having taken the Remedy in Excess.
The Temple opened at 11.28 closed at 12.50 a.m. dei Jovis, the ceremony being most magnificent. (Query; this represents the West Wind as last night the East, and the firstnight of this series the North?) During the Versicle O.S.V. saw the Sarcophagus of Ankh-f-n-khonsu, a misty dawn of gold at the East of the Altar, erect. The ceremony raised Fra. O.S.V. from discomfort, sleepiness, and fever to the top of his form. L.T. gets a white elephant with the word LEX Labor est + (The phallus in its sense of the completed Work.) Also Baphomet spelt Beth-Pe-Mem Taw 1082 (Note. 1081 = Tiphareth, add 1 for the therein. No! O.M.) The atmosphere is marvellous calm and sweet, soft as the kisses of Zephyros — a perfect peace and joy.
During the day, by the way, Fra. O.S.V. got the idea that Fra. L.T. would make a perfect low comedian, and thus gain much gold.
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