Liber CDXV


The Seventeenth Working

The Temple was opened about 10.30 and closed at 12.50 a.m. 3.2.14 E.V.
O.S.V. dedicated the bird to Juppiter and set it free. During the Versicle O.S.V. lost consciousness. After the Quia Patris L.T. the 4 cut on his right breast, was to have acted as Virgo. A marvellous matter followed, but no further rite was accomplished. At 1 a.m. Fra. L.T. was still too exhausted to speak. O.S.V. doubts if he did well to avoid the apparent and obvious meaning of the instruction vouchsafed last Thursday night. This should be decided by the events of Tuesday - Thursday. If unsatisfactory, the birds let loose 2 on Tuesday, on Wednesday, should all 4 be slain on the last night of this series.
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