The Book of Lies





Only through devotion to FRATER PERDURABO may this book be understood.


How much more then should He devote Himself to AIWASS for the understanding of the Holy Books of ΘΕΛΗΜΑ?


Yet must he labour underground eternally. The sun is not for him, nor the flowers, nor the voices of the birds; for he is past beyond all these. Yea, verily, oft-times he is weary; it is well that the weight of the Karma of the Infinite is with him.


Therefore is he glad indeed; for he hath finished THE WORK; and the reward concerneth him no whit.


This continues the subject of Chapter 83.

The title refers to the mental attitude of the Master; the avalanche does not fall because it is tired of staying on the mountain, or in order to crush the Alps below it, or because that it feels that it needs exercise. Perfectly unconscious, perfectly indifferent, it obeys the laws of Cohesion and of Gravitation.

It is the sun and its own weight that loosen it.

So, also, is the act of the Adept. "Delivered from the lust of result, he is every way perfect."

Paragraphs 1 and 2. By "devotion to Frater Perdurabo" is not meant sycophancy, but intelligent reference and imaginative sympathy. Put your mind in tune with his; identify yourself with him as he seeks to identify himself with the Intelligence that communicates to him the Holy Books.

Paragraphs 3 and 4 are explained by the 13th Aethyr and the title.

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