The Book of Lies





In V.V.V.V.V. is the Great Work perfect.


Therefore none is that pertaineth not to V.V.V.V.V.


In any may he manifest; yet in one hath he chosen to manifest; and this one hath given His ring as a Seal of Authority to the Work of the A∴A∴ through the colleagues of Frater Perdurabo.


But this concerns themselves and their administration; it concerneth none below the grade of Exempt Adept, and such an one only by command.


Also, since below the Abyss Reason is Lord, let men seek by experiment, and not by Questionings.


The title is only partially explained in the note; it means that the statements in this chapter are to be understood in the most ordinary and commonplace way, without any mystical sense.

V.V.V.V.V. is the motto of a Master of the Temple (or so much He disclosed to the Exempt Adepts), referred to in Liber LXI. It is he who is responsible for the whole of the development of the A∴A∴ movement which has been associated with the publication of THE EQUINOX; and His utterance is enshrined in the sacred writings.

It is useless to enquire into His nature; to do so leads to certain disaster. Authority from him is exhibited, when necessary, to the proper persons, though in no case to anyone below the grade of Exempt Adept. The person enquiring into such matters is politely requested to work, and not to ask questions about matters which in no way concern him.

The number 41 is that of the Barren Mother.


[1] I.e. food suitable for Americans.

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