The Book of Lies





A black two-headed Eagle is GOD; even a Black Triangle is He. In His claws He beareth a sword; yea, a sharp sword is held therein.


This Eagle is burnt up in the Great Fire; yet not a feather is scorched. This Eagle is swallowed up in the Great Sea; yet not a feather is wetted. So flieth He in the air, and lighteth upon the earth at His pleasure.


So spake IACOBUS BURGUNDUS MOLENSIS[1] the Grand Master of the Temple; and of the GOD that is Ass-headed did he dare not speak.


33 is the number of the Last Degree of Masonry, which was conferred upon Frater P. in the year 1900 of the vulgar era by Don Jesus de Medina-Sidonia in the City of Mexico.

Baphomet is the mysterious name of the God of the Templars.

The Eagle described in paragraph 1 is that of the Templars.

This Masonic symbol is, however, identified by Frater P. with a bird, which is master of the four elements, and therefore of the name Tetragrammaton.

Jacobus Burgundus Molensis suffered martyrdom in the City of Paris in the year 1314 of the vulgar era.

The secrets of his order were, however, not lost, and are still being communicated to the worthy by his successors, as is intimated by the last paragraph, which implies knowledge of a secret worship, of which the Grand Master did not speak.

The Eagle may be identified, though not too closely, with the Hawk previously spoken of.

It is perhaps the Sun, the exoteric object of worship of all sensible cults; it is not to be confused with other objects of the mystic aviary, such as the swan, phoenix, pelican, dove and so on.


[1] His initials I.B.M. are the initials of the Three Pillars of the Temple, and add to 52, 13x4, BN, the Son.

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