Liber Aleph



De Aquila Sumenda[1]

Take in this Work the Eagle all undefiled and virginal for thy Sacrament. And thy Technick is the Magick of Water, so that thine Act is of Nourishment, and not of Generation. Therefore the Prime Use of this Art is to build up thine own Nature. But if thou hast Skill to control the Mood of the Eagle, then mayst thou work many an admirable Effect upon thine Environment. Thou knowest how great is the Fame of Witch-Women (old and without Man) to cause Events, although they create nothing. It is this Straitness of the Channel which giveth Force to the Stream. Beware, o my Son, lest thou cling overmuch to this Mode of Magick; for it is lesser than that Other, and if thou neglect That Other, then is thy Danger fearful and imminent, for it is the Edge of the Abyss of Choronzon, where are the lonely Towers of the Black Brothers. Also the Formulation of the Object in the Eagle is by a Species of Intoxication, so that His Nature is of Dream or Delirium, and thus there may be Illusion. For this Cause I deem it not wholly unwise if thou use this Way of Magick chiefly as a Cordial; that is for the Fortifying of thine own Nature.

[1] On Consuming the Eagle

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