Liber Aleph



De Formula Lunæ[1]

Thus then concerning Operations of the Tao with the Yang and the Yin is there enough; for thine own Art of Beauty shall divine for thee, and devise new Heavens. But in all these is the Formula of the Serpent with the Head of the Lion, and all this Magick is wrought by the Radiance and Creative Force thereof. And this Force leapeth continually from Plane to Plane, and breaketh forth from his Bonds, so that Constraint is Labour. Now then learn that the Yin hath also a Formula of Force. And the Nature of the Yin is to be still, and to encircle of limit, and it is as a Mirror, reflecting diverse Images without Change in its own Kind. So then it seeketh never to overlap the Barriers of its Plane; for this Reason it is well to use it in Operations of a very definite and restricted Type. But although it be inert, yet is it most subject to Change; for its Number is four Score and one, which is the Moon; and these are alim, the Gods elemental before H descending in their midst made them Creative. So then thou mayst use constantly this Formula to rearrange Things in their own Planes; and this is a most pragmatic Consideration.

[1] On the Formula of the Moon

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