Liber Aleph



De Magno Opere[1]

But now give Ear most eagerly, thou Son of my Loins, for I will now discourse unto thee of thine Own Attainment, without which all is but Idleness. Know first that conscious Thought is but phenomenal, the Noise of thy Machine. Now Chemistry, or Al-Chem-y meaneth the Egyptian Science, and the true Magick of Egypt hath this for its Foundation. We have in our House many Substances which act directly upon the Blood, and many Practices of Virtue similar, to simulate, compose, purify, analyse, direct, or concentrate the Thought. Confer CCXX, II:22. But this Action is subtle and of many Modes, and dependeth heavily on the Conditions of the Experiment, whereof the first is thine own Will therein. Therefore I say unto thee that this is thy Work immediate and necessary, to discover openly thy Will unto thyself, and to fortify and enkindle it by all One-Pointedness of Thought and Action, so that thou mayst direct it inwards unto its Core, that is Thyself in thy Name hadit. For thereby is thy Will made white with Heat, so that no Dross may cling to it. But this Work is the Great Work, and standeth alone.

[1] On the Great Work

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