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De Hac Formula Considerationes Kabbalisticæ[1]

Behold moreover, my Son, the Œconomy of this Way, how it is according to the Tao, fulfilling itself wholly within thine own Sphere. And it is utterly in Tune with thine own Will on every Plane, so that every Part of thy Nature rejoiceth with every other Part, communicating Praise. Now then learn also how this Formula is that of the Word abrahadabra. First, had is the Triangle erect upon twin Squares. Of Hadit need I not to write, for He hath hidden Himself in The Book of the Law. This Substance is the Father, the Instrument is the Son, and the Metaphysical Ecstasy is the Holy Ghost, whose Name is hriliu. These are then the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, whose sacred letters are R (ר), B (ב), and D (ד). But the last of the Diverse Letters is H (ה‎), which in the Tarot is the Star whose Eidolon is D ד‎; and herein is that Arcanum concerning the Tao of which I have already written. Of this will I not write more plainly. But mark this, that our Trinity is our Path inwards in the Solar System, and that H being of our Lady Nuit starry, is an Anchor to this Magick which else were apt to deny our wholeness of Relation to the Outer as to the Inner. My Son, ponder these Words, and profit by them; for I have wrought cunningly to conceal or to reveal, according to thine Intelligence, o my Son!

[1] Qabalistic Considerations on this Formula

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