Liber Aleph



Mandatum Ad Filium Suum[1]

Here I reach forth mine Hands against thee in the Sign of the Enterer, o Son of my Bowels, for with all my Magical Might I will that thou fight manfully and labour with Diligence (with Sword and Trowel, say I) in this Work. For this is the first and last of all, that thou bid every Man do What he will, in accord with his own true Nature. Therefore also blast thou that Lie that Man is of a fallen and evil Nature. For the Word of Sin is Restriction, the Doubt of his own Godhead, the Suppression of, which is the Blasphemy against, his own Holy Spirit. Saith not The Book of the Law that "…It is a lie, this folly against self. …"? Therefore to every Man, in every Circumstance, say thou: Do what thou wilt; and teach him, if he yet waver, how to discover his true Nature, earnestly and with Ardour, even as I have striven to teach thee — yea, and more also!

[1] A Command to His Son

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