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De Modo Quo Operet Lex Magica[1]

Give Ear attentively, o my Son, while I expound unto thee the true Doctrine of Magick. Every force acteth, in due Proportion, on all Things with which it is connected. Thus a burning Forest causes chemical Change by Combustion, and giveth Heat and Motion to the Air about it by the Operation of physical Laws, and exciteth thought and Emotion in the Man whom it reacheth through his Organs of Perception. Consider (even though it were but Legend) the Fall of the Apple of Isaac Newton, its Effect upon the Spiritual Destinies of Man! Consider also that no Force cometh ever to the end of its work! The Air that is moved by my Breath is a Disturbance or Change of Equilibrium that cannot be fully compensated and brought to naught, though the Aeons be endless. Who then shall deny the Possibility of Magick? Well said Frazer, the most learned Doctor of the College of the Holy Trinity in the University of Cambridge, that Science was but the Name of any Magick which failed not of its intended Effect.

[1] How Magical Law Works

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