Liber Aleph



De Auro Rubeo[1]

I would have thee to consider, o my Son, that Word of Publius Vergilius Maro, that was the greatest of all the Magicians of his time: in medio tutissimus ibis.[2] Which Thing has also been said by many wise Men in other Lands; and the Holy Qabalah confirmeth the same, placing Tipheret, which is the Man, and the Beauty and Harmony of Things, and Gold in the Kingdom of the Metals, and the Sun among the Planets, in the Midst of the Tree of Life. For the Centre is the Point of Balance of all Vectors. So then if thy wilt live wisely, learn that thou must establish this Relation of Balance with every Thing soever, not omitting one. For there is nothing so alien from thy Nature that it may not be brought into harmonious Relation therewith; and thy Stature of Manhood waxeth great even as thou comest to the Perfection of this Art. And there is nothing so close Kin to thee it may not be hurtful to thee if this Balance is not truly adjusted. Thou hast need of the whole Force of the Universe to work with thy Will; but this Force must be disposed about the Shaft of that Will so that there is no Tendency to Hindrance or to Deflection. And in my Love of thee I will adorn this Thesis with Example following.

[1] On the Red Gold

[2] You will go safest in the middle.

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