Liber Aleph



De Voluntate Iuvenis Cognoscenda[1]

It is important that thou shouldst understand as early as may be what is the True Will of the Child in the Matter of his Career. Be thou well ware of all Ideals and Day-dreams; for the Child is himself, and not thy Toy. Recall the comic Tragedy of Napoleon and the King of Rome; build not an House for a wild Goat, nor plant a Forest for the Domain of a Shark. But be thou vigilant for every Sign, conscious or unconscious, of the Will of the Child, giving him then all Opportunity to pursue the Path which he thus indicates. Learn this, that he, being young, will weary quickly of all false Ways, however pleasant they may be to him at the Outset; but of the true Way he will not weary. This being in this Manner discovered, thou mayst prepare it for him perfectly; for no Man can keep open all Roads for ever. And to him making his Choice explain how one may not travel far on any Road without a general Knowledge of Things apparently irrelevant. And with that he will understand, and bend him wisely to his Work.

[1] On Knowing the Will of a Child

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