Liber Aleph



De Voluntate Tacita[1]

All Disturbances, o my Son, are Variations from Equilibrium; and just as thy conscious Thoughts, Words, and Acts are Effects of the Displacement of the conscious Will, so is it in the Unconscious. For the most Part, therefore, all Dreams, Phantasies, and Gestures represent that Will subliminal; and if the physical Part of that Will be unsatisfied, its Utterance will predominate in all these automatic Expressions. Do thou then note what Modifications thereof follow such Changes in the conscious Foundation of that Part of thy Will as thou mayst make in thy Experiments therewith, and thus separate, as sayeth Trismegistus, the fine from the coarse, Fire from Earth, or, as we may say, assign each Effect to its true Cause. Seek then to perfect a conscious Satisfaction of every Part of that Will, so that the unconscious Disturbances be at last brought to Silence. Then will the Residuum be as an Elixir clarified and perfected, a true Symbol of that other hidden Will which is the Vector of thy Magical Self.

[1] On the Silent Will

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