Liber Aleph



De Oraculo Summo[1]

And who is this Pure Fool? Lo, in the Sagas of Old Time, Legend of Scald, of Brad, of Druid, cometh He not in Green like Spring? O thou Great Fool, thou Water that art Air, in whom all Complex is resolved! Yes, thou in ragged Raiment, with the Staff of Priapus and the Wineskin! Thou standest up on the Crocodile, like Hoor-pa-Kraat; and the Great Cat leapeth upon thee! Yea, and more also I have known Thee who Thou art, Bacchus Diphues, none and two, in thy Name iao! Now at the End of all do I come to the Being of Thee, beyond By-coming, and I cry aloud my Word, as it was given unto Man by thine Uncle Alcofribas Masior, the Oracle of the Bottle of bacbuc, and this Word is trinc.
But in the antient right Spelling this is trinu whereof the Number is the Number of the Name of Me thy Father! to wit, Six Hundred and Three Score and Six.

[1] The Supreme Oracle

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