Liber Aleph



De Sapientia Et Stultitia[1]

O my Son, in this the Colophon of my Epistle will I recall the Title and Superscription thereof; that is, The Book of Wisdom or Folly. I proclaim Blessing and Worship to Nuit Our Lady and Her Lord Hadit, for the Miracle of the Anatomy of the Child Ra-Hoor-Khuit, as it is shewn in the Design Minutum Mundum, the Tree of Life. For though Wisdom be the Second Emanation of his Essence, there is a Path to separate and to join them, the Reference thereof being Aleph, that is One indeed, but also an Hundred and Eleven in his full Orthography; to signify the Most Holy Trinity, and by Metathesis it is Thick Darkness, and Sudden Death. This is also the Number of aum, which is amoun, and the Root-Sound of omne, or, in Greek, pan, and it is a Number of the Sun. Yet is the Atu of Thoth that correspondeth thereunto marked with zero, and its Name is mat, whereof I have spoken formerly, and its Image is the Fool. O my Son, gather thou all these Limbs together in One Body, and breathe upon it with thy Spirit, that it may live; then do thou embrace it with Lust of they Manhood, and go in unto it, and know it; so shall ye be One Flesh. Now at last in the Reinforcement and Ecstasy of this Consummation thou shalt wit by what Inspiration thou didst choose thy Name in the Gnosis, I mean parzival, "der reine Tor", the True Knight that won Kingship in Monsalvat, and made whole the Wound of Amfortas, and ordered Kundry to right Service, and regained the Lance, and revived the Miracle of the Sangral; yea also upon himself did he accomplish his Work in the End: "Höchsten Heiles Wunder! Erlösung dem Erlöser!"[2] This is the last Word of the Song that thine Uncle Richard Wagner made for Worship of this Mystery. Understand thou this, o my Son, as I take leave of thee in this Epistle, that the Summit of Wisdom is the opening of the Way that leadeth unto the Crown and Essence of all, to the Soul of the Child Horus, the Lord of the Æon. This Way is the Path of the Pure Fool.

[1] On Wisdom and Folly

[2] "Highest holy wonder! The Redeemer is Redeemed!"

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