Liber Aleph



De Aphorismo Ubi Dico: Omnia Sunt[1]

My Son, long did I await thee, yearning, and with Pride and Great Gladness did I bid thee Welcome to my City of the Pyramids, under the Night of Pan. Now then in my dear Love of thee will I reveal this Secret of Wisdom which I wrote occultly in my last Chapter, in these Words: All Things Exist. Considered by right Understanding, this is to deny that there is anything imaginable or unimaginable which doth not exist. That is, the Body of Our Lady Nuit hath no Limit, and there is no void that She filleth not with the Variety and Beauty of Her Stars in Her Space. Nor is there any one Law of her Nature, but in Her are all Laws, so that each Thing or each Truth that thou perceiveth is as it were one Gesture of Her Dance. Shut up the Book of thy Questions, o my Son, concerning nature, Her Way, Her Origin, or Her Purpose, except in those Matters which concern thee and thine own Orbit, o thou Star, begotten of my Loins in my Lust of Hilarion, the Golden Rose, mystic and Joyous, the Lily of a Thousand Petals and One Petal, subtle and perverse, that thou mightest fulfil this Work of a Magus which I came to accomplish, robing myself in Flesh of Man, as was my Nature and the Will of my Nature, the Name of my Star that flameth in the Body of Nuit our Lady.

[1] On the Aphorism where I say: All Things Exist

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