Liber Aleph



De Hoc Modo Dissolutio[1]

Here therefore will I write down the Answer to this Indictment of our Wisdom; that every Act of Will is to be made in its Perfection, which State is to be attained according to these Conditions: first, those of its own Law; second, those of its Environment. Judge thine own Case individually, each as it pleadeth; for there is no Canon or Code, since every Star hath its own Law diverse from every other. Now there is the Restraint of Conflict which is Impotence and Disruption; but the Restraint of Discipline is a Fortification of the Will by Repose and by Preparation, as a Conqueror resteth his Armies, and feedeth them, and looketh to their Furniture and to their Spirit, before he joineth the Battle. Also, there is the Restraint of Art, which includeth that other of Discipline, and its Nature is to adorn the Will and to admire its Strength and its Beauty, and to enjoy its Victory by Anticipation in full Confidence, not fearful of Time that robbeth them that are ignorant concerning him, how he is but Mirage and Illusion, incapable to besiege the Fortress of the Soul. Work thou thy Will, as I said aforetime by the Mouth of Eliphas Levi Zahed, knowing thyself Omnipotent, and thine Habitation Eternity. O my Son, attend well this Word, for it is an Heirloom, and a Ring of Ruby and Emerald in thine Inheritance.

[1] An Unravelling of this Knot

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