Liber Aleph



De Pace Perfecta Luce[1]

How shall they measure our Statue and our Success by that Canon of Relation and Illusion, and their ignorance of our Nature? Time is but Sequence, and a moment of Light outweigheth an Age of Darkness. What is Happiness but the Issue of the Harmony of our Consciousness with our Truth, and the Conformity of Will with Action? To the Initiate is Certainty of his Fulfilment, which to the Profane is but the Effect of Hazard, and he feareth to lose what he loveth, or thinketh he loveth. But we, loving only in Light, suffer not by Fear or by Bereavement, because to us every Event is Welcome, being right, necessary and proper to our particular Path. The Knowledge of this one Matter is the End of Dread and of Regret; make thou it the Governor of thy Mind, to rule its Pace, lest it hasten or lag by Stress of thine Environment. Now this Attainment is possible for all Mankind, since it asketh but Resolution of Complexities that already exist; so that this true Wisdom and Happiness cometh by the Acceptance of our Law, and its Use is the Key to all locked Doors of the Mind, and the Reconcilement of every Contention. O my Son, in the Promulgation of the Law lieth the Reward of our Chief Work, the making whole of Mankind from the Conscience of Sin which divideth him, and afflicteth his Spirit.

[1] On Perfect Peace in Light

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