Liber Aleph



De Illuminatum Operibus Diversis[1]

Do thou understand how few be they whose Work in this their present Lives is our Way of Initiation. Yet it is written in The Book of the Law that the Law is for all, so that thou shalt in no wise err if thou establish it as the Formula of the Æon, universal among Men. Also, ever for them that are fitted to advance in our Light, there is Order and Diversity in Function, as regardeth their Work in Our Sublime Brotherhood. Thus, it might well be that, in a Profess-House of the Temple, or College of the Holy Ghost, each Knight or Brother might severally attain Experience of every Trance, unto the Perfection of all Illumination; yet by this there ought not to arise Confusion, one usurping the appointed office of another. For the Abbot, although he be not enlightened wholly, is yet Abbot; and the Place of the Cook, were he Saint, Arhan, and Paramahamsa in one Person, is in his Kitchen. Confound not thou in any wise therefore the Degree of Attainment of any Man with his right Function in our Holy Order; for although by initiation cometh the Light, and the Right, and the Might to accomplish all Works soever, yet these are inoperative save as they are able to use a Machine which is of the same Order of Things as the Effect required. As the best Swordsman hath Need of a Sword, so hath every magician of a Body and Mind capable to the Work that he willeth; and he can do nothing, save it be proper to his Nature.

[1] On the Different Works of the Illuminators

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