Liber Aleph



Altera De Sua Via[1]

Thus I was brought unto the Knowledge of myself in a certain Secret Grace, and as a Poet, by Jerome Politt of Kendal; Oscar Eckenstein of the Mountain discovered Manhood in me, teaching me to endure Hardship, and to dare many Shapes of Death; also he nurtured me in Concentration, the Art of the Mystics, but without Lumber of Theology. Allan Bennett bestowed upon me the right Art of Magic, and Our Holy Qabalah, with a great Treasure of Learning in many Matters, but especially concerning Egypt, and Asia, the Mysteries of their Arcane Wisdom. But of Cecil Jones had I the Great Gift of the Holy Magick of Abramelin, and he inducted me into that Order which we name not, because of the Silliness of the Profane that pretend thereto, and he brought me to the Knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel; also, he was the Herald of the Masters of the Temple when They bade me welcome to their Order, appointing a Siege for me in the City of the Pyramids, under the Night of Pan; but for three Years I was not willing to avail myself thereof. Now mark well this, o my Son, that this Path was peculiar to the law of my Star, and none other should follow me herein, or seek to follow me, for he hath his own proper Orbit. O my Son, err not by Generalisation and Conformity, for this is the very Idleness, and breedeth Ideals and Standards, that are Death.

[1] More on This Path

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