Liber Aleph



De Prudentia Ordinis A∴A∴[1]

Here, then o my Son, that shall be mightier than all the Kings of the Earth, as it is prophesied, — an thou be He — because thou shalt establish the Law which I have given, even the Law of Thelema, here in this which I have written is a Point of Judgment in they Work to bring into the Light of Initiation such as come unto thee, affirming their Will to this Attainment. For every One hath his own Path and his own Law, and there is no Art in Magick but to seek out that Path and that Law, that he may pursue the one by the right Use of the Other. It shall be that one cometh unto thee, desiring Amen-Ra (I speak in a Figure or Exemplar) another Asi, a third Hoor-Pa-Kraat; or again, one seeketh Instruction in Obeah, and his Fellow in Wanga; and of all these not one in Ten Thousand shall be aware of his true Way. For albeit our last step is one for all, yet his next stem is particular to each. Therefore is the Preparation of a Student that seeketh Our Holy Order of A∴A∴ most general, informing his Mind of all known Methods, so that his Will may select among these by Instinct: then after, as a Probationer, he practiseth those which he hath preferred, and by the Examination of his Record after the Period appointed thou mayst have Wisdom concerning him, to confirm him in those Ways which are shewed thereby to be germane to his True Nature.

[1] On the Sagacity of the Order of A∴A∴

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