Liber Aleph



De Via Sola Solis[1]

This is the Profit of mine Intoxication of this Holy Herb, the Grass of the Arab, that it has shewed me this Mystery (with many others) not as a new Light, for I had that aforetime, but by its swift Synthesis and Manifestation of a Long Sequence of Events in a Moment, I had Wit to analyse this Method, and to discover its Essential Law, which before had escaped the Focus of the Lens of mine Understanding. Yea, o my Son, there is no true Path of Light, save that which I have formerly made plain; yet in every Path is Profit, if thou be cunning to perceive it and to clasp it. For we win Truth oftentimes by Reflection or by the Composition and Selection of an Artist in his Presentation thereof, when else we were blind thereunto; lacking his Mode of Light. Yet were that Art of none avail unless we had already the Root of that Truth in our Nature, and a Bud ready to flower at the Summoning of that Sun. In Witness, nor a Boy nor a Stone hath Knowledge of the Sections of a Cone, and their Properties; but thou mayst teach these to the Boy by right Presentation, because he hath in his Nature those laws of Mind that are consonant with our Art Mathematical, and hath Need only of the Fledging (I may say this) so that he apply them consciously to the Work, when all being in Truth, that is, in the necessary Relations that rule our Illusion, he cometh in Course to Apprehension.

[1] On the One Way of the Sun

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