Liber Aleph



De Sua Initiatione[1]

My Son, my Delight, Honey of the Comb of my Life, I will say also this concerning the Odds of the Formulæ of Male and Female, that mine Initiation was ordered as followeth. First, unto the Middle of the Way, the Attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, were these Men appointed to mine Aid, Jerome Politt of Kendal, Cecil Jones of Basingstoke, Allan Bennett of the Border, and Oscar Eckenstein of the Mountain, with no Woman. But after that Attainment hath Word come to me only through Women, Ouarda the Seer, and Virakam, and in mine Initiation in to the Degree of Magus, the Cat 'ΙΛΑΡΙΩΝ thy Mother, Helen the Play-Actress the Serpent, with Myriamne the Drunkard, and Rita the Harlot to bear Dagger and Poison; then these others Alice the Singing Woman for a Monkey, and Gerda the Madwoman for an Owl; then Catherine the Dog of Anubis, and Ahitha the Camel that renewed the Work of Virakam, with Ollun the Dragon and — but here I do restrict myself in Speech, for the End is wrapped about with a Veil, as the Face of a Virgin. But do thou meditate strictly upon these Things, distinguishing the right Property, Order, and Use of the Other and the other in the Relative, even as thou makest them All-One, that is None, in the Absolute.

[1] On His Initiation

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