Liber Aleph



De Hac Re Altera Intelligenda[1]

Mark then, o my Son, how in the Ancient Books of Magick it is Man that selleth his Soul unto the Devil, but Woman that maketh Pact with him. For she hath constantly the Wit and Power to arrange Things at his Bidding, and she payeth this Price of his Alliance. But a Man hath one Jewel, and, bartering this, he becometh the Mockery of Satanas. Let then this tutor thee in thine own Art of Magick, that thou employ Women in all Practical Matters, to order them with Cunning, but Men in thy Need of Transfiguration or Transmutation. In a Trope, let the Woman direct the Chess-Play of Life, but the Man alter the Rules, if he so will. Lo! in ill Play is Mischief and Disorder, but in a New Law is Earthquake, and Destruction of the Root of Things. Therefore is Fear of any Man that is in Commerce with his Genius, for none knoweth if his Law shall amend the Game or do it Hurt; and of this the Proof is in Experience, won after the Victory of his Will, when there is no Way of Return; as saith the Poet, Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum[2]. Nor do thou fear to create: for, even as I have written in The Book of Lies (falsely so-called), thou canst create nothing that is not God. But beware of false Creations wrought by Women in whom is no Function thereof; for they are Phantoms, poisonous Vapours, bred of the Moon in her Witchcraft of Blood.

[1] We Will Discuss This Next

[2] "No sign of any returning", i.e., no turning back

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