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Verba Magistri Sui De Femina[1]

Of a Thousand Years it is nigh unto the Fiftieth Part, o my Son, since I obtained Favour in the Light of a great Master of the Truth, whom Men call Allan Bennett, so that he received me for his Disciple in Magick. And he was instant with me in this Matter, and vehement, adjuring his Gods that this (which I have myself here above declared unto thee) was the Truth concerning the Nature of Woman. But I being but a Youth, and Headstrong, and being enraptured in Love of Women, and Admiration of Them, and Worship, delighting in them eagerly, and learning constantly from them, nourished by the Milk of their Mystery, as it should be for all true Men, did resist angrily the Doctrine of that most holy Man of God. And because (as it was written) he was a vowed Virgin from his Birth, and had no Commerce with any in the Way of Carnality, I disabled his Judgment herein, as if he, being a Fish, had disallowed the Flight of Birds. But I, o my Son, am not wholly ignorant of Women, save as all Men must be in the Limitation of their Nature, for the Number of my Concubines is not notably or shamefully exceeded by that of the Phases of the Moon since my Birth. Many also have been my Disciples in Magick that were Women; and (more also) I do owe, acknowledging the same with open Gladness, the greater Part of mine own Initiation and Advancement to the Operation of Women. Notwithstanding all these Things, I bow humbly before Allan Bennett, and repent mine Insolence, for his Saying was Sooth.

[1] His Master's Words on Woman

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