Liber Aleph



De Arte Alchymistica[1]

Wilt thou acquaint thyself now further at my Reproof concerning this Arcanum of Alchymia, the Art Egyptian, how to make Gold? Of a Surety this is already in thy Knowledge, if thou examine by Our Holy Qabalah, what be the Forces that are the Influx upon Tiphereth, which is the Harmony and Beauty, or Sol, in every Kingdom of the Universe, so then also among Metals. Now this Influx is Fivefold. First, from the Crown descendeth the High Priestess in the Path of the Moon, for Inspiration, and Imagination, and Idea: see to it that this Virgin be Pure, for herein Error is Illusion. Next, from the Father floweth the Power of the Emperor in the Path of the Ram, for Initiative, and Energy, and Determination. Third, from the Mother are the Lovers in the Path of the Twins, for Intellectual Wholeness, and for Adjustment to Environment. These Three are from the Supernals and complete the Theorick of thy Work. After this, in the Praxis and Executive thereof thou hast the Hermit as an Influence from the Sphere of Jupiter in the Path of the Virgin, for Secrecy, and for Concentration, and for Prudence. Lastly, from the Sphere of Mars, travelleth Justice in the Path of the Balance, for good Judgment, and Tact, and Art. O my Son, in this Chapter is more wisdom than in Ten Thousand Folios of the Alchemists! Study therefore to acquire Skill in this Method, and Experience; for this Gold is not only of the Metals, but of every Sphere, and this Key is of virtue to enter every Palace of Perfection.

[1] On the Alchemical Art

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