Liber Aleph



De Opere Suo[1]

I am not I. Then, sayst thou, why is this Word? Know, o my Son, that this first Person is but the common Figure of the Speech of Men whereof the Magus may avail himself without Implication of Metaphysick. Yet in the Mystery of Illusion, which is the Instrument of the Universal Will, I will not say the Harlot of its Pleasure, are manifested these many Stars, and amongst them that Logos of the Aeon of Horus whom thou callest ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑ ΘΗΡΙΟΝ and thy Father. And this is by-come through Virtue of the Intensity of the Will to Change, through many a Serpent-Phase of Life and Death, until in the Play of the Game its Manifestation is the Utterance of this Word of the Aeon, this Law of Thelema, that shall be for a Season the Formula of the Magick of the Earth. Who then should inquire of the further Destiny of that Star, or of another? It is the Play of the Game, and the Operation of its Function shall suffice it. Rid thyself therefore of this Thought of "I" apart from all, but, attaining to Consciousness of All by Our True Way, contemplate the Play of Illusion by thine Instrument of Mind and Sense, leaving it without Care to continue in its own Path of Change.

[1] On His Work

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