Liber Aleph



De Sua Carta Cœlorum[1]

I pray thee to mark, o my Son, how the Grace of Nature was benignant at my Nativity, to the right Balance and Formulation of my Sphinx. For Neptune was in the Sign of the Bull, giving Strength and Stability to my Spiritual Essence. Uranus was ascending in the Lion, to fortify my Magical Will with Courage, and to turn it to the Salvation of Man. In the Waterman was Saturnus, to make mine Intelligence sober, profound, and capable of Labour. Jupiter, with Mercury His Herald, was in Scorpio, harmonizing me and my Word according to the Essence of my Nature. Then of the others, Mars was exalted in the Goat, for physical Endurance of Toil; Sol was conjoined with Venus in the Balance, for judgment in Art and in Life, and for Equability of Temple. Lastly, the Moon was in the Sign of the Fishes, her loved abode, for a Gift of Sensitiveness and of Glamour. What then am I? I am a transient Effect of infinite Causes, a Child of Changes. There is no I, o thou that art not thou, else were I segregated, a Stagnation, a Thing of Hate and of Fear. But ever-moving, ever-changing, there is a Star in the Body of Our Lady Nuit, whose Word is None and Two.

[1] On His Horoscope

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