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De Formula Recta Draconis[1]

Verily, o my Son, herein lieth the Danger and the Treason of thy Scorpion. For his Nature is against himself, being the deepest Ego, that is, a Being separate from the Universe; and this is the Root of the Whole Mystery of Evil. For he hath in him the Magick Power, which if he use not, he is self-poisoned, even as any Organ of the Body that refuseth its Function. So then his Cure is in his Ally the Lion, that feareth not the Crocodiles, nor hideth himself, but leapeth eagerly forward. The Path of the Mystic hath this Pitfall; for though he unite himself with his God, his Mode is to withdraw from that which himseemeth is not God. Whereby he affirmeth and confirmeth the Demon, that is Duality. Be thou instant therefore, o my Son, to turn from every Act of Love at the Moment of full satisfaction, flinging the invoked Might thereof against a new Opposite; for the Formula of every Dragon is Perpetual Motion or Change, and therefore to dwell in the Satisfaction of thy Nature is a Stagnation, and a Violation thereof, making the Duality of Conflict, which is the Falling Away to Choronzon. Unto the which be Restriction in the name of Babalon

[1] On the Correct Formula of the Dragon

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