Liber Aleph



Prolegomena De Silentio[1]

But now concerning Silence, o my Son, I will have a further Word with thee. For thereby we mean not the Muteness of him that hath a dumb Devil. This Silence is the Dragon of thine unconscious Nature, not only the Ecstasy or Death of thine Ego in the Operation of its Organ, but also, in its Unity with thy Lion, the Truth of thy Self. Thus is thy Silence the Way of the Tao, and all Speech a deviation therefrom. This Lion and Dragon are therefore of thy Self, and the Man and the Bull the Feminine Counterparts thereof, being the Grace of Our Lady Babalon that She bestoweth upon thee in thine Adultery with Her. They are then as a Vesture of Honour, and a Reward, that are won by the Intensity of thy Light and of thy Love. So properly we esteem Men by the Measure of their Intelligence and their Strength, since they are equal in their essential Godhead, so far as concerneth the Quality thereof. See thou closely moreover into it, that if thou be well favoured of Our Lady, thy Lion and thy Dragon grow in like Measure, for the Excess of the Feminine is Dead Weight. The Intellectual without Virility is a Dreamer of Follies, and the laborious Giant without Courage is a Slave.

[1] Prefatory Remarks on Silence

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