Liber Aleph



De Constantia Amoris Cordi Candido[1]

Think it not strange, my Son, that I, praising Adultery, should praise also Constancy and delight therein. For this is to state ill thy Question. Herein is Truth and Wisdom concerning this Matter, that so long as Love be not wholly satisfied, and equilibrated by entire Fulfilment and Exchange, Constancy is a Point of thy Concentration and Adultery a Division in thy Will. But when thou hast the Summit and Perfection of any Work, of what Worth is it to continue therein? Hast thou two Stomachs, as has a Cow, to chew the Cud of a digested Love? Yet, o my Son, this Constancy is not of Necessity a Stagnation. Nay, behold the Body of Our Lady Nuit, therein are found twin Suns, that revolve constantly about each other. So also it may be in Love, that two Souls, meeting, discover each in the other such Wealth and Richness of Light and Love, that in one Phase of Life (or Incarnation) or even in many, they exhaust not that Treasure. Nor will I say that such are not in their Degree and Quality thrice fortunate. But to persist in Dullness, in Satiety, and in mutual Irritation and Abhorrence, is contrary to the Way of Nature. So therefore there is no Rule in any such Case, but the Law shall give Light to every one that hath it in his Heart, and by that Wisdom let him govern himself.

[1] On Cinstancy in Love, to a Pure Heart

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