Liber Aleph



Rhapsodia De Astro Suo[1]

O my Son, knowest thou not the Joy to lie in the Wilderness and to behold the Stars, in their Majesty of Motion calm and irresistible? Hast thou thought there that thou also art a Star, free because consciously in Accord with the Law and Determination of thy Being? It was thine own True Will hat bound thee in thine Orbit; therefore thou speedest on thy Path from Glory unto Glory in continual Joy. O Son, o Reward of my Work, o Harmony and Completion of my Nature, o Token of my Toil, o Witness of my Love for thy sweet Mother, the holy and adulterous Hilarion, my Concubine, adorable in thine Innocence as she in her Perfection, is not this verily Intoxication of the Spirit in the Innermost, to be free absolutely and eternally, to run and to return upon the Course in the Play of Love, to fulfil Nature constantly in Light and Life? "Afloat in the Air, o my god!" Without Support, without Constraint, wing thine own Way, o Swan, o Bliss of Brightness!

[1] A Rhapsody to His Star

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