Liber Aleph



De Præmio Summo, Vera Sapientia Et Beatitudine Perfecta[1]

Now then presently shall it come to pass, as by Dint of each Experience that Component thereof which is within thee is attuned to it, a slight Effort shall suffice to unite thee therewith, and this without Shock, so that thou art no longer thrown back from the Trance, as exhausted, but abidest therein, almost without Knowledge of thy State. So then at last this Samadhi shall become normal to thy common Consciousness, as it were a Point of View. Thus all Things shall appear to thee very continually as to one in his first Love, by the Vision of Beauty, and by the Vision of Science thou shalt marvel constantly with Joy unfathomable at the Mystery of the Laws whereby the Universe is upheld. This is that which is written: True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness. O my Son, it is in this Contemplation that one hath the Reward of the Path; it is by this that the Tribulations are rolled away as a Stone from thy Tomb; it is with this that thou art wholly freed from the Illusions of Distinction, being absorbed into the Body of Our Lady Nuit. May she grant thee this Beatitude; yea, not to thee only, but to all that are.

[1] On the Highest Reward, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness

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