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De Ecstasia Samadhi Quo Illis Differt[1]

Confuse thou not this Beatific Vision with the Trances called Samadhi; yet is Samadhi the Pylon of the Temple thereof. For Samadhi is the Orgasm of the Coition of the Unlike, and is commonly violent, even as the Lightning cometh of the Discharge between two Vehicles of extreme difference of Potential. But as I shewed formerly concerning Love, how each such Discharge bringeth either Component more nigh to Equilibrium, so is it in this other Matter, and by Experience thou comest constantly to Integration of Love (or what not) within thyself, just as all Effort becometh harmonious and easy by Virtue of Practice. Rememberest thou the first time thou was thrown into Water, thy Fear and thy Struggles, and the Vehemence of thy Joy when first thou didst swim without Support? Then, little by little all Violence dieth away, because thou art adjusted to that Condition. Therefore the Fury of thine early Victory in these Arts Magical and Sciences is but the Sign of thine own Baseness and Unworthiness, since the Contrast or Differential is so overwhelming to thee; but, becoming Expert and Adept, thou art balanced in the Glory, and calm, even as the Stars.

[1] On the Ecstasy of Samadhi and how it Differs from Others

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