Liber Aleph



De Ratione Quæ Sine Voluntate Est Fons Maniæ[1]

Is it not a Marvel how he that worketh with his Will and is in constant Touch with the Reality external, maketh his Mind to serve him? How eagerly runneth it and returneth, gathering, arranging, clarifying, classifying, organizing, comparing, setting in array, with Skill and Might and Energy that faileth never! Nay, my Son, in this Way thou canst be pitiless with thy Mind, and it will not rebel against thee, or neglect thine Ordinance. But now consider him that worketh not with his Will, how his Mind is idle, not reaching out after Reality, but debating within itself of its own Affairs, like a Democracy, introspective. Then this Mind, not reacting equally and with elasticity to the World, is lost in its own Anarchy and Civil War, so that although it works not, it is overcome by Weakness of Division, and becometh Choronzon. And unto these words I call to my witness the Madness of the Soul of Muscovy, in this year XIII, of our Aeon that is ended. Therefore behold how this our Law of Thelema, Do what thou wilt, is the first Foundation of Health, whether in the Body or in the Mind, either of a simple, or a complex Organism.

[1] On Reason, Source of Madness when not Under Will

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