Liber Aleph



De Ratione Præsidio Voluntatis[1]

O my Son, in this case is there Darkness, yet this Comfort as a Lamp therein, that there is no Error in the Will, but only Doubt as to the Means of Success, else were we as Children afeared of Night. Thus we have need of naught but to consider the Matter by Wit of Reason, and of Prudence, and of Common Sense, and of Experience, and of Science, adjusting ourselves so far as we may. Here is the Key of Success, and its Name is the Skill to make right Use of Circumstance. This then is the Virtue of the Mind, to be the Wazir of the Will, a true Counsellor, through Intelligence of the Universe. But, o my Son, do thou lay this Word beneath thine Heart, that the Mind hath no Will, nor Right thereto, so the Usurpation bringeth forth a fatal Conflict in thyself. For the Mind is sensitive, unstable as Air, and may be led foolishly in Leash by a stronger Mind that worketh as the cunning Tool of a Will. Therefore thy Safety and Defence is to hold thy Mind to his right Function, a faithful Minister to thine own True Will, that is King of that Star whose Name is Thy Self, by Election of Nature. Heed well this, o my Son, for thy Mind Passive is rightly a Mirror to reflect all Things clearly without Prejudice, and to remain unstained by them.

[1] On Reason, Minister of the Will

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